Christophe Bianchi, M.D. "Integrity is the overarching consideration in all our operations. We strive to demonstrate integrity consistently throughout our organization and in our dealings with healthcare professionals."

Christophe Bianchi, M.D.
Executive Vice President

Our Commitment to Trust, Integrity and Transparency

Integrity in all our endeavors is one of Millennium's Core Values. We ask and expect our employees to adhere to high ethical standards and to exhibit integrity and forthrightness in all our policies, decisions and actions.

Core Values Handbook

We clearly articulate our expectation and accountability for being trustworthy, honest and transparent in our Core Values Handbook, which also explains how we live those values (our code of conduct).

The Core Values Handbook includes Millennium's standards for behavior and emphasizes our commitment to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, industry guidelines, and company policies and procedures. All Millennium employees make a personal commitment to living the Core Values in everything they do and must certify annually that they will comply with the Core Values Handbook.

PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

Liz Lewis "Being trustworthy is job No. 1 at Millennium. It is the first step toward being a credible and sustainable organization."

Liz Lewis
Chief Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Ethical relationships with healthcare professionals, patients and stakeholders are an important part of living Millennium's Core Values. To further foster these ethical and compliant relationships, Millennium has adopted the updated PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals ("PhRMA Code").

The updated PhRMA Code (effective January 2009) reflects and builds upon the standards and principles set forth in its predecessor that took effect on July 1, 2002. Like the 2002 edition, this Code addresses interactions with respect to marketed products and related pre-launch activities. Visit the PhRMA Web site related to this Code.

Reporting Ethical Infractions

Comments, concerns and complaints regarding our ethics and integrity as displayed in our policies, practices, activities and events, or individual conduct should be reported to Liz Lewis, Chief Compliance Officer.

To contact Liz, please email: compliance@mpi.com.

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