At Millennium, we stand by our core value of hiring, motivating and developing outstanding people. Our career development philosophy is a key element of this value. We define career development as:

  • A mutually beneficial collaboration between individuals and managers;
  • An opportunity to achieve personal and professional growth; and
  • Utilizing individual strengths to achieve the Company's business goals, while supporting our mission and vision.

Our culture supports employees' short- and long-term development interests by providing a flexible and adaptable environment that encourages people to seek a variety of opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Employees and managers together discuss and develop a plan that best balances personal aspirations with current business needs. All employees are encouraged to leverage our guiding principles for their development.

Millennium's career development guiding principles provide a clear framework for employees. We believe in the following:

  • Career development is a personal journey driven by the unique values and aspirations of individuals;
  • Employees are encouraged to master their current job and build capabilities for future roles;
  • Employees ultimately are responsible for identifying growth and development opportunities; and
  • Managers are expected to support them by providing guidance, resources and opportunities when available and supported by business needs.

To support managers and employees in the achievement of their development goals, Millennium offers many seminars, trainings and workshops to supplement on the job career development activities.

In addition to what you can learn "on the job," many employees take advantage of opportunities to attend national professional conferences, participate in local/regional professional associations, or attend in-house programs presented by our own experts. Regardless of venue, these events include scientific discussions, business strategy updates from senior leaders, systems and software training, management and leadership development, informal mentoring, peer coaching, and various other skill-building opportunities.

Millennium takes great pride in fostering personal and professional growth and we always are looking to provide the best opportunities to our employees.