At Millennium, we consider our employees to be our biggest benefit. We take great pride in paying you back with a competitive and comprehensive benefits package. To us, it's about saying thank you for the great work you do every day. At Millennium, we offer the following benefits:


Commuting to and from Cambridge is easy with our transportation assistance for employees. Public transportation riders receive a subsidy of $110 per month towards the pass they use. Drivers pay for parking on a sliding scale, but if you walk or bike to work, we will give you $175 per quarter (taxable).

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Depending on your commuting needs, you can choose one of the three options:

Public Transportation Passes/Charlie Cards

Employees receive public transportation passes, or Charlie Cards, each month. Millennium contributes up to $110 per month towards the pass, with the remainder of the expense paid for by the employee through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Park Your Car in a Nearby Parking Garage

The cost of parking is on a sliding scale based on your income. The cost is deducted via pre-tax payroll deductions.

Opt-Out Program

If you won't need parking or public transportation benefits, the Company will give you $175 (taxable) per calendar quarter for opting out.

Our field employees receive a Company vehicle. Millennium incurs the expense of operation, maintenance, repair, tax, registration and insurance. Company vehicles may be used by the field employee's spouse or domestic partner as a taxable fringe benefit.