As we develop important new medicines to treat cancer, Millennium seeks to continuously demonstrate our ethical, clinical and scientific good intentions to the public.

We believe that patients, family members, health professionals and members of the public should have access to medically important information on Millennium clinical research. As such, Millennium is committed to transparency and integrity in its clinical research in keeping with our corporate Core Values. Millennium has been and continues to be committed to complying with all laws and regulations related to the registration and disclosure of our sponsored clinical study information. Millennium is dedicated to the timely registration of clinical studies, communication of clinical study result summaries, and publication of our company sponsored clinical research.

In addition, Millennium supports the pharmaceutical industry‚Äôs initiatives relating to increased clinical study transparency, including the principles and positions of IFPMA, EFPIA, JPMA, and PhRMA relative to the disclosure and publication of results from clinical studies for approved medicines. Millennium is committed to complying with the PhRMA/EFPIA principles and to sharing, upon request from qualified scientific and medical researchers for legitimate research purposes, anonymized patient-level clinical study data, study-level results summaries, and protocols from clinical studies for approved medicines and indications. Millennium is actively working to establish processes to accept and review data sharing requests consistent with this commitment, while also safeguarding patient privacy and confidentiality.

Clinical Trial Enrollment and Results

For information about enrolling patients in Millennium-sponsored clinical trials of investigational and marketed oncology drugs, please call 800-589-9005.

Millennium notifies the public of the start of all company-sponsored Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials designed to test both the safety and efficacy of Millennium investigational and marketed oncology drugs on, a National Institutes of Health registry (a list) of ongoing clinical trials.

Millennium publishes results of completed, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV clinical trials in a timely, objective, accurate and balanced manner — regardless of outcome and also posts summaries of clinical trial results on and the Takeda company website at

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